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Top E-Mail Providers Sue Spammers Under New Law

What is Spam?

So why do they call it spam?

How do you stop spam?

Why should I stop spam?

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What is spam?

E-mail that you have not requested is known as Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or spam. These types of e-mail are used for the sole purpose of getting the receiver to buy something or forwarding an e-mail to people you know in order to perpetuate some sort of hysteria. They can range from enlarging a body type to repairing your credit. Spam is not only annoying, but it hinders the efforts of legitimate businesses that are trying to use e-mail as a marketing tool.

Spammers are people who spam, harvest, or gather e-mail addresses from the Internet. They use programs that scan Internet forums, web pages, and newsgroups to get e-mail addresses in order to compile large lists of valid e-mail addresses. This is one reason that merely unsubscribing from a link or following instructions listed in spam to unsubscribe can be dangerous, because it could just be a way for the spammer to confirm your e-mail address.

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So why do they call it spam?

The term comes from Monty Pythons Flying circus. The scene is setup with a waitress describing the menu and every item is grouped with spam. While she does this a group of Vikings start singing, "spam, spam, spam, spam lovely spam!" repeatedly until told to shut up.

So spam has the connotation, aside from the food, of being a broken record coupled with nails going down a chalkboard. Unfortunately in the digital world its hard to tell spammers to just shut up.

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How do you stop spam?

Spam can be combated through filtering methods incorporated in your e-mail client. There are also lists of servers that have been flagged as being used to spam people. These servers can be put in an exclude list that will automatically delete any mail coming from them.

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Why should I stop spam?

Spam is the equivalent of the telemarketer, except that spammers do cost you money. In order to send large amounts of e-mail, the spammer will consume Internet bandwidth. If we momentarily picture the Internet as a four-lane highway, we can see that spammers can consume two lanes, half of the space available. This not only makes it longer for you to get to your destination, but in order to deal with the heavy traffic, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) must purchase more bandwidth. The cost is then passed on to you.

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